Photography, Videography, Website & Media Design

We are building websites, taking photographs, producing video and all sorts of media.

Websites for you to communicate with a worldwide audience,  find new friends and customers.

Photographs and video to capture the culture and beauty of your environment, for social events, business advertising and purely for the enjoyment.

Website Design, Optimisation and Maintenance

Complete Website Services

Website design to meet your needs and enhance your brand.

With our experience you can have an impressive website that beautifully presents your content and easily reaches your audience and customers.

We design websites for all purposes magazines, blogs, eCommerce, small business promotion, video and picture galleries…

Along with the design we also provide copy writing, content generation and stock photography services.

Website optimisation and maintenance for speed, SEO ranking and security.

Behind the design and the content websites have to be technically efficient and streamlined to achieve good Search Result Rankings.

Websites have to load quickly to keep your viewers attention and they have to be secure to keep-out hackers.

Choose the right platform.

There is a wide range of options for building and hosting websites.

We have used many of them and will consult with you to choose the best option to meet your needs.

Each platform has benefits and dis-advantages, the best choice for you will depend on the type of content you want on your website, how easy it is to learn, how often you want to make updates and your budget.

Continuing Support and Maintenance

When you have your website on-line the work continues.

We offer on-going support and maintenance for websites to ensure smooth running and security.

We can also help with providing content generation to keep your website active and up to date.

If you want to get involved we will train you on how to manage your website.

All services for new website design & creation and existing websites that need a little care and attention.

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Virtual Tours and Street View

icon for google maps street view

Get 360° Images of your business premises to show off your best features and highlights with an interactive and visually appealing virtual tour.

360° Virtual Tours and Street View

Immersive and interactive virtual tours created with 360° panosphere images improve your on-line presence.

Add 360° images to;

  • your Website,
  • your Facebook Page,
  • your Google Business Listing,
  • your locations on Google Maps and Street View.

“Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest. “ – (view research)

google street view trusted logo

See Inside

Potential customers can ‘look around’ and see your location, products and environment before they arrive.

Interactive Information

Add information boxes, additional photographs and video to virtual tours to provide compelling and informative content.

Visual Marketing

Show your 360° Images and Virtual Tours on computer screens and TV displays in your showrooms to help your sales team and customers visualise your product.

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Aerial Imaging

Capture your property or event from above.

Great for real estate listings and all property and land advertising for rentals and holiday villas.

Aerial views show off your great locations and land areas.

Include aerial images in your video advertising to give a complete viewing experience to your potential customers.

Land Use and Land Area Surveys

Aerial image of tropical farmland

Easily see land areas and land use when preparing for development work.
Get images as your development work progresses for accuracy and comparisons.

Event Planning and Marketing

Get aerial photos or video to plan and market your event.
Plan accurately and show the location from beautiful aerial views.

Birdseye view aerial photo of a large villa house with gardens & swimming pool

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Events & Promotional

icon showing rear of a dslr camera

All Occasions. All Locations.

Pushing Fin provides video services to record your special events, whatever the occasion, wherever the location. With High Definition Cameras and production delivered in any video format that you require. Multi-camera set-ups and immediate editing services available.

icon of a bunch of flowers


Filming of your wedding ceremony and celebrations.

Traditional or un-conventional, all locations; beaches, mountain tops, underwater…we capture your special day and produce your unique wedding portfolio and film.

icon of a video camcorder

Cultural Events and Sports Competitions.

All activities and locations can be filmed. Have your event filmed for competitor and spectator souvenirs, sponsorship gifts, advertising or TV broadcast.

large icon for an slr camera

Advertising and Promotional media for all types of businesses.

If you have a business, product, property or service to advertise use high-quality photographs and video advertising to reach a global audience instantly.

Take advantage of free advertising platforms and present professional content on your on-line accounts. Your image media will be beautifully produced and formatted for posting on your website, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram and all social media networks.

We create the best images and media for you, whatever your business, service or product:

  • Property sales
  • Lifestyle promotion
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Villas & Holiday Homes
  • Tourism promotion
  • Tours and activities
  • Corporate and Training

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color icon of a fish

Underwater filming services for all types of productions and all budgets:

  • Film and TV Broadcast
  • TV Commericals
  • Documentary
  • Advertising and corporate video
  • In-water structural and boat inspections
  • Weddings; proposals and ceremonies.

Get the extra element in your productions with Pushing Fin Underwater Filming Services.

colour icon graphic of waves

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