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Comprehensive Services for Websites and On-Line Development

We ensure you can make the most of modern internet connectivity to promote your company, brand, products, interests and services to the global audience.

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Do you need a website?

We are often asked the question about the necessity of having a website now that there are so many free options for advertising and communication.

If you just want to blog and communicate with like minded people who share your interests around the world then you may not need a personal website.

If you are a company or you have products and services that you want to promote and sell professionally then you must have a website.

Your own website gives your customers a greater feeling of professionalism and reliability. It shows you are investing effort into promoting your brand and importantly for you it gives you complete control over the presentation and content of your material.

It’s free!

Free internet platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are very good at helping you to reach an interested audience but you are restricted to their styles of display. They control the promotion of your content or not promoting your content and you are operating under their Terms and Conditions which can mean the closing of your account and the loss of your content and effort.

Own it!

With your own website you have the ownership; you own the content and its presentation.

A website is an additional channel to use alongside the other social media platforms. You can link together all of your channels and potential customers will have more re-assurance that they are dealing with a reputable business.

When you have your own website you have your own specific email address relating to your company which adds to your professional corporate image.

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Other Internet Channels

Many of the established social media platforms give you additional channels to reach a new audience and find new customers, wWhether you have a website or no.

We can help you plan your use and content delivery to maximise the benefits of these channels;

  • Google My Business
  • Google Ad Words
  • Facebook Page
    Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Feed for Business
    Instagram Promotions
  • Twitter
  • and more…

We provide develpment plans and consultancy for you to maximise these free channels for your business promotion.

Building A Website

All websites share these things in common;

  • They have a registered domain name.
    The Domain Name is what you type into your browser bar like, “www.mywebsite.com”,
  • They are all hosted somewhere in the world on a Web Server.
    This is a computer normally in a specialist web hosting company.
  • The styles and designs of the website are sent to your web browser in code using; HTML, CSS, Javascript…and more…
    It all has to be programmed some how.

All of these things need to be considered when you want to build a website.

We will help you to;

  • choose and register a domain name that reflects your business identity,
  • choose a web hosting service that is reliable, good value and well placed for your target audience,
  • choose the right development platform for coding your website depending on your current needs and future plans.

Website Development Platforms

There are now many options for building a website, years ago websites were all created by writing out the HTML code.

There are specialised editors for HTML and CSS but you will still need to know these computer languages to develop your website.

There are more advanced graphical website builders that let you build websites with simplified code and even ‘drag and drop’ graphical interfaces.

These options will be a good option if you are interested in adding content to your website later but don’t want to learn computer code.

Some options will tie you into specific software platforms such as WordPress and Joomla. These are very popular and easy to work with and because of their popularity it is possible to move your website to a different web host computer if you want to or need to in the future.

Other website development platforms offer additional features but tie you into specific web hosts as well. These are systems such as Wix and Squarespace.
Website content developed with these systems can only be hosted on these platforms.

We will help you to choose the best hosting and development platforms to meet your current and future needs.

Website Design

Websites often look simple and straightforward but there is always a great deal of thought put into the design, content and layout of a good looking website.

These are the issues that must be considered;

  • what is the purpose of the website?
  • what colours and fonts should be used in the design?
  • what will the design look like on a full size computer monitor, on a tablet and on a smart phone?
  • what type of content and how much is best to use; text, small icons, photographs, animations, video…?
  • is the website easy to navigate for every new customer?
  • how fast will the page load on to the customers screen?
  • is the content written clearly for search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex?

With our experience we will take your content and requirements and build a website that meets all of the principles of good, efficient web design.

We will ensure that your website looks good on all devices, that it is easy to navigate, that it loads as quickly as possible and that it is optimised for search engines like Google etc…


S.E.O. (search engine optimisation ) is an important element of any website if it is to help you find new customers. You potential new customers are likely to use serach engines like Google, Bing or Yandex to search the internet for the products , services and information they need. Your site will appear higher in search rankings after it has been audited and edited for SEO .

Equally search engines check how well your website is constructed and how quickly it loads and responds. There are technical techniques and adjustments that should be made to improve the efficiency of website page loading.

We can check and edit sites for current SEO best practice and ensure that your site is responsive and loads as quickly as possible.

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Website Features

Website technology continues to develop and there are always new features and services that you can add to your website.

We can implement  many options into your website design;

  • Videos
  • Image Slideshows
  • Shop features and Catalogues for Products Services
  • eCommerce & On-Line Booking
  • Multi Language with automated or custom translation of your content
  • Custom forms for Customer ordering

Contact Us to discuss all options for content creation for your website and on-line presence….


Media and Content

Often clients know they need a website but are not sure what content to include and how to present it to create the best impression.

Pushing Fin also provides services to help you develop a complete portfolio of content for your website.

We  provide copy-writing to describe your products and services.

Logo and corporate style design to give your business a professional image and standardised look.

Photography for professional images of your business and products.

Videography to give customers a detailed look at what your business offers.

Presentations and Slideshows to provide informative and interesting content that will keep customers on your website.

We ensure your website will be good looking, informative and interesting to all of your visitors.

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Security and Maintenance

As the internet develops and more people use it it becomes a more complicated place and it is necessary to take security precautions.

Website hacking is a common issue with small websites and large corporate networks.

It is essential that websites are maintained an updated as new weaknesses and exploits are constantly being discovered and used by hackers.

We build and maintain websites with integrated security measures to best avoid hacking problems.


When you have a website and you want to add content or change it we can help.

We provide training so that you can learn how to update and edit your own website.