Advertising & Promotional Video

Pushing Fin creates video advertising for all types of businesses, not just underwater.

If you have a business, product, property or service to advertise use video advertising to reach a global audience instantly.

Video advertising is no longer confined to television; internet connectivity and speeds now deliver video content to everyone with access to a computer. is the internet’s 3rd most visited site and the 2nd most popular Search Engine. Source:

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To take advantage of this free advertising platform contact Pushing Fin to discuss your video advertising requirements whatever your business, service or product:

  • Property and products for sale
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Tours and activities
  • Corporate and Training

For all your video advertising requirements Pushing Fin has a complete range of products:

  • TV commercials
  • Web video advertising
  • Point-Of-Sale promotion
  • Promotional DVDs and digital video for distribution by CD, memory sticks and cards

Contact Pushing Fin for your video advertising and promotional packages.

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